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'Scandal' Season 3, episode 13: Jake breaks bad in the worst way in 'No Sun on the Horizon'

scandal season 2-season-3-episode-13-abc.jpg">Boy, those ads promising the most OMG of Season 3 within the last 30 seconds of Thursday's (March 13) episode of "Scandal" weren't lying, were they?

While the big moment wasn't exactly as OMG as Fitz taking a bullet to the head or Olivia's "Dad?" in Season 2, the resolution of everyone's quest to keep Sally Langston's murderous secret under wraps did manage to take us to quite a shocking place. (It should go without saying but if you'd like to avoid spoilers from the big episode, you know, leave now.)

Spurned by Olivia for the last time and tasked by Cyrus as the new head of B613 to keep the Sally scandal from ever getting out, Jake broke. He broke bad. While it looked like he might just have Sally herself offed -- something that was prevented only by Fitz throwing an important debate --the new Command took his duties one step further.

In those final moments, he arranged for the Publius brain trust (including David, James and those two poor women whose names I never cared to learn) to meet in a dark alley. Then he turned his gun on them. He dispatched of the nameless ladies quickly and then turned his aim to a third victim, fired and -- cut to black.

So, who do we think ate that third bullet and who was being forced into B613 against their will (if those intercut scenes of Jake talking under that blue light are to be understood as him forcing the forth into employment after his murder spree)? With Josh Malina a series regular and Dan Bucatinsky just a recurring guest star, our money is on James getting shot (whether whoever got shot dies at all remains to be seen). There's more dramatic potential in James' possible death, what with Cyrus finding the bugged frame and actually apologizing to James, rather than just killing him himself.

And with David the show's only real, pure white good guy, him turning B613 to stay alive is so delicious I can barely stand it.

Is it next week yet?

Spare Parts:

- Unhinged Sally Langston was terrifying and loads of fun. A show like "Scandal" needs one mentally broken religious fanatic in its ranks, doesn't it? It just feels so right.

- When Liv finds out what Jake's done, she's going to lose it, right? And just after he begged her to run away with him and "save him." Jake knew this was an inevitability, but Liv had to go and choose Fitz over him. Really, this is all Liv's fault. (Okay, not really, but, you know...)

- Also culpable in Jake breaking bad? Quinn and her fire-breathing when it comes to Liv. I'm starting to think we'll never see Huckleberry Quinn back together again.

- Um, where was Harrison tonight? Did Adnan keep him in bed the whole time? Yeesh.

- As Cyrus, Jeff Perry found so many ways to say the word "murderer" this week that he's basically owed an Emmy just for that alone. Glory be to Jeff Perry.

- "You shouldn't have to pay for my mistakes, James. Do whatever you want with me. With us. I'm in your hands. Just know I am so very sorry. And I love you. I love you, James. More than anything. I love you."

If James is dead, Jake better watch out. Cyrus is not going to just accept that, no sir.

- Liv: "There is no clean. Just like there is no Vermont ... Let's stop pretending. Let's just be here." No, Liv. No. This toxic relationship must end. It just must

- David: "What would Olivia Pope do? Someone really needs to put that on a bracelet." Amen.

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