Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Google Nexus accessory sale offers 25 percent discount on cases

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Today may be April Fools' Day, but Google isn't fooling around when it comes to saving you money.

Google today kicked off a Play Store sale that slashes 25 percent off of the prices of select Nexus accessories. That includes the sleeve and case for the Nexus 7, some Nexus 5 cases and even a Chromebook sleeve. Here's how the discounted prices break down:

Google's Nexus accessories aren't known for being the cheapest add-ons around, so it's nice to see Google offering Online Deals-in-google-play-store/">the same discount that it ran back in January. What's better is that the company is offering a cheaper accessory as well as one that's more expensive for both the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, giving us a couple of options when it comes to protecting our precious Nexus devices. If you decide to snag a discounted accessory, be sure to swing by the comments section to tell us all what you got!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cialis coupons codes

Image description: Cialis coupons codes

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Phoenix weather: Warm temps continue

PHOENIX -- A pretty stable weather phoenix pattern continues to bring warm and dry weather to Arizona.

On Thursday, we had a fair amount of high cloudiness, but we're expecting much of that to clear out for the weekend.

Even so, a weak weather disturbance will cross Northern Arizona Saturday night and bring a few isolated showers to the state.

In the Valley, that disturbance will drop temperatures a couple of degrees.

Still, we're forecasting highs to remain in the 80s through much of next week.

Phoenix Weather | Arizona Weather Video

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GDC 2014: Another Look at 'Drifter'

<Discountp>Drifter is a game we've been looking at since GDC 2012, following a successful Kickstarter and Steam Green Light campaign, the game is closer than ever to being done. The developers are still solidly in "When it's done" mode, but they're thinking it'll be done later this year. With so much talk of the PC version, it's neat to see the iOS version actually running:

The trick with games like Drifter is that you do so much in them it's hard to just show what the game does in a quick ten minute demo. Regardless, as someone who loves space traders, I can't wait for this one.

Monday, March 17, 2014

'Scandal' Season 3, episode 13: Jake breaks bad in the worst way in 'No Sun on the Horizon'

scandal season 2-season-3-episode-13-abc.jpg">Boy, those ads promising the most OMG of Season 3 within the last 30 seconds of Thursday's (March 13) episode of "Scandal" weren't lying, were they?

While the big moment wasn't exactly as OMG as Fitz taking a bullet to the head or Olivia's "Dad?" in Season 2, the resolution of everyone's quest to keep Sally Langston's murderous secret under wraps did manage to take us to quite a shocking place. (It should go without saying but if you'd like to avoid spoilers from the big episode, you know, leave now.)

Spurned by Olivia for the last time and tasked by Cyrus as the new head of B613 to keep the Sally scandal from ever getting out, Jake broke. He broke bad. While it looked like he might just have Sally herself offed -- something that was prevented only by Fitz throwing an important debate --the new Command took his duties one step further.

In those final moments, he arranged for the Publius brain trust (including David, James and those two poor women whose names I never cared to learn) to meet in a dark alley. Then he turned his gun on them. He dispatched of the nameless ladies quickly and then turned his aim to a third victim, fired and -- cut to black.

So, who do we think ate that third bullet and who was being forced into B613 against their will (if those intercut scenes of Jake talking under that blue light are to be understood as him forcing the forth into employment after his murder spree)? With Josh Malina a series regular and Dan Bucatinsky just a recurring guest star, our money is on James getting shot (whether whoever got shot dies at all remains to be seen). There's more dramatic potential in James' possible death, what with Cyrus finding the bugged frame and actually apologizing to James, rather than just killing him himself.

And with David the show's only real, pure white good guy, him turning B613 to stay alive is so delicious I can barely stand it.

Is it next week yet?

Spare Parts:

- Unhinged Sally Langston was terrifying and loads of fun. A show like "Scandal" needs one mentally broken religious fanatic in its ranks, doesn't it? It just feels so right.

- When Liv finds out what Jake's done, she's going to lose it, right? And just after he begged her to run away with him and "save him." Jake knew this was an inevitability, but Liv had to go and choose Fitz over him. Really, this is all Liv's fault. (Okay, not really, but, you know...)

- Also culpable in Jake breaking bad? Quinn and her fire-breathing when it comes to Liv. I'm starting to think we'll never see Huckleberry Quinn back together again.

- Um, where was Harrison tonight? Did Adnan keep him in bed the whole time? Yeesh.

- As Cyrus, Jeff Perry found so many ways to say the word "murderer" this week that he's basically owed an Emmy just for that alone. Glory be to Jeff Perry.

- "You shouldn't have to pay for my mistakes, James. Do whatever you want with me. With us. I'm in your hands. Just know I am so very sorry. And I love you. I love you, James. More than anything. I love you."

If James is dead, Jake better watch out. Cyrus is not going to just accept that, no sir.

- Liv: "There is no clean. Just like there is no Vermont ... Let's stop pretending. Let's just be here." No, Liv. No. This toxic relationship must end. It just must

- David: "What would Olivia Pope do? Someone really needs to put that on a bracelet." Amen.

Seven Questions on Software Security for Veracode's Chris Wysopal

When you think about all the high-profile hacking attacks that have occurred in the last several years, you might be surprised to learn that making software secure before it's in use isn't always a high priority for the companies that make it.

Hackers can go after a lot of things to get what they want. Make a server hard to hack, they'll go after the network. Harden the network, they'll then go after something else.

Lately that something else has been software applications. They might be small applications that run on the Web or mobile apps that run on a smartphone.

Companies are moving so fast to launch Web apps and mobile apps that they often don't bother to think much about security, assuming that the people writing the code know what they're doing. That's not always the case.

At the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco, I talked with Chris Wysopal, the CTO of Veracode. Based in Burlington, Mass., Veracode helps software developers bake security into the apps they create so that they're less likely to have to go back and fix things later after a vulnerability has been found, or worse, after an attack.

If his name sounds familiar, it's because he's the same Chris Wysopal who years ago was better known as Weld Pond, a member of the respected hacker think tank known as L0pht Heavy Industries. Its seven members famously testified before Congress in 1998 that with their accumulated knowledge they could " bring down the entire Internet in 30 minutes." Another L0pht member was Peter Zatko, better known as Mudge, who recently left DARPA, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Defense for a job at Google.

The next year several L0pht members went on to start @Stake, a security consulting firm that they sold to Symantec in 2004.

Wysopal founded Veracode with another L0pht member - Christien Rioux, aka DilDog - in 2006. Since then the company has raised about $74 million in five rounds of venture capital funding from investors including Meritech Capital Partners, Atlas Ventures, .406 Ventures, StarVest Partners, Rovi, and Symantec. It has been growing by about 50 percent a year since then.

Here's a little of what we talked about.

Re/code: Chris I think the fact that Veracode exists is kind of surprising. With all the hacking attacks we've experienced over the years, the notion that building software to be secure the first time seems obvious and yet, here's Veracode and it's a relatively new company. What is it about securing applications that's so hard?

Wysopal: It's funny, I was just on a panel about whether or not companies who buy software should require security testing of the vendors they buy software from. There were people from Microsoft and EMC - two of the biggest software companies in the world - arguing that they don't want testing, and one person representing the views of the utility industry, which buys a lot of software. Basically the vendors don't want to be tested, because they know they'll find problems and they'll have to fix them, but it doesn't mean that the software is good or bad. I came up with the analogy of going to the skin doctor to check for cancerous lesions. If you have them it doesn't mean that your overall health is good or bad, it just means you have a lesion and you have to do something about it. ... But I can understand why the vendors don't want it because it slows down the sales process.

So where are you seeing this kind of testing put into place?

Financial companies. The FS-ISAC, the security group for the financial industry, and which I think is one of the best of the security user groups, it came out in December with two new recommendations: One was to ask vendors about their security process and the level of training of their developers. And the other was to conduct static binary analysis testing on the software, which is to say test it for security glitches before you use it. The two go hand-in-hand and that's the process we're pushing for. The financial industry led the way with application security, and I think health care will be next, given the push for electronic medical records and to automate processes and all the little companies popping up to do that.

So what's the big security trend you're seeing right now?

People are trying to move faster and faster to deploy technology. They see it as a way to grow and reduce friction in their business. Marc Andreessen says that software is eating the world. And so not only do we have startups disrupting the traditional players like WhatsApp disrupting the telco industry, but we're seeing similar disruptions coming in financial services and health care from software, either from new companies or established ones building it themselves or buying it. And what they're doing is different from before: Mobile apps and cloud apps and consumer-facing Web apps. All of this stuff increases the risk because it's completely distributed over the Web, and the apps talk to each other and they touch sen sitive data. My job is to keep them from being reckless. A startup company can be reckless. They start out with no security policy and end up with 100 million users, and then realize too late they have big security holes. A bank can't do that.

So what's the answer?

You have to bake security into the way you're building the software. You can't build it and then test for security and then go back and redo the software. Writing it secure the first time is faster. So our customers are measuring the code they get from their outsourced developers, and they're seeing that the code that comes in clean gets deployed faster, and so they send more work to the companies who do that. If there's the right kind of testing done along the way, there's an incentive to build better software. What we're trying to do at Veracode is make it easy.

Are you on the lookout for any new kinds of threats and vulnerabilities?

The threats don't really change that much, at least not the traditional ones. Basically attackers figure out new way to exploit how businesses run their infrastructure. What we've realized is that the way that organizations are deploying technology is really out of control right now. And there's a lot of websites out there collecting customer information that the CIO or CISO doesn't even know about. A bank may have a Super Sale site with their names on them, but which the bank didn't build and which nevertheless collects sensitive data. I talked to one CISO from a major company who said that all the breaches that hurt his company's brand and put them at legal risk came through a third-party site with the company's name on it that they didn't know about. A CISO for a major compan y told me exactly that.

Can you get ahead of the attackers?

You can, before the attacks begin. We did do this with one company around the time of the LulzSec attacks. There had been some chatter picked up by law enforcement agencies that this company was going to be the next target, the next Sony. It was a very large global manufacturing company. They came to us and said they didn't even know how many websites they had. They had done so many M&A transactions and had so many products, they had no idea. ... They gave us a list of domain names and IP address they controlled, and we scanned all their apps and sites for problems. We scanned 8,000 applications in two weeks. We found hundreds of vulnerabilities which they fixed. But they were able to avoid being the next Sony.

What about software-as-a-service applications? What does that shift mean for your clients?

We're a SAAS company ourselves. Our customers, especially the financial services ones, hold us accountable the same way they would their own infrastructure. Since we're a small growing company we use cloud applications for human resources for payroll and things like that. We ask our vendors if they've been audited for different things and they have to show us. Have they had a manual penetration test? What's their security program like? It's easy. You hold your service providers to the same level to which you would hold yourself.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Target's best sales and deals with coupons beginning Sunday

Target is a great place to find great sales and if you clip coupons and watch the weekly ad that comes in your Sunday paper. Target is not only a great place to save money on clothes, shoes and other household items, but you can also save on health and beauty products, groceries and much more.

Target lets you stack manufacturer's coupons with their store coupons, and according to a post on March 13 on the Spend Less, Shop More website you can save on bread, apples, diapers and more beginning on Sunday, March 16. If you are not familiar with how to shop with manufacturer's coupons, Target coupons and use Target's other savings programs like "Cartwheel", check out the Target section on the Spend Less, Shop More website.

Some of the deals you can grab up beginning on Sunday, March 16 at Target include Market Pantry Bread, Market Pantry cheese, Granny Smith or Gala apples and Huggies diapers. In order to receive some of the deals you will need to text in order to get the savings code.

Market Pantry bread, select varieties, are 99¢ per loaf beginning Sunday, March 16. Market Pantry shredded or block cheese is on sale for $2 each, but if you have a cell phone you can get the Target mobile coupon and save another 75¢, paying only $1.25 for the Market Pantry Cheese. You can find the code and number to send your text on the Spend Less, Shop More website.

Another deal you can get with the mobile Target coupon is three pounds of Granny Smith or Gala apples for only $1.99 each bag. The apples are on sale for $2.99 but with the Target mobile coupon you can save even more. You will find the code and number to send your text on the Spend Less, Shop More website.

Visit the Spend Less, Shop More website to get more information on Target's savings programs and to get the links to Deal News you will need to in order to grab these deals this week.

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